Recent technological advancement has increased the popularity of gambling in Poland and other parts of the globe. More and more people started spending time with various online casinos with outstanding bonuses. Thanks to online casinos’ advantages, the number of gamblers has increased, bringing about more excellent players on the stage. However, even before the advent of an online casino, this sphere has had great gamblers that have become role models for novice players. If you are interested in online gambling, you may hear about Nic Szeremeta, one of the most well-known Polish players. To know more about this player, you should check his short autobiography and how he succeeded in this field. You may encounter his name if you ever google casino profy online.

Young Ages and Career 

Nic Szeremeta was interested in poker by himself; however, he got lost during WW II. His mother has brought up young Nic Szeremeta. He started playing poker while being a college student. He founded his magazine called “The Weekender.” At the age of 47, he could not find work, so he decided to buy a betting office. At first, he had some difficulties; however, it turned out to be a profitable business later. In 1995, Nic Szeremeta became the European Poker Players’ Association secretary. In 1998, he started working as an editor of Poker Europe magazine. One year later, he established Later Night Poker, thus stimulating the poker boom in the United Kingdom. However, he soon left the show because of the misunderstanding between the show’s direction and him. 

Nic Szeremeta has played poker in more than ten countries. He reached the peak of his success in Vienna by winning the highest live cash. One of his daughters is also a poker player. Nic Szeremeta is the first US poker player who won several games. Eventually, the most successful year for him was 2006, when he won more than $50.000. He died at the age of 77 in 2021. 

The secret behind Nic Szeremeta’s success

It is difficult to mention the reasons why Nic Szeremeta is considered one of the roles models all over the world. The poker world considers this player one of the outstanding players on the field. Passion inherited from his father made him pursue a career in the gambling world, which was not so popular then. His whole life, he had been interested in poker. He started his magazine about poker; he created the Late Night Poker TV series, which is also connected with poker. His overall tournament winnings make up a massive fortune reaching up to $200000. He was a successful poker player and an influencer who significantly improved poker in Poland and the USA. His achievements encouraged many young players to follow their dreams in the gambling world. His name is proudly mentioned in the history of Polish gambling, and many players follow his tactics to win. 


People have always played games and casino games as well. Poker is one of the old casino games. Thanks to its popularity, there are many versions of the game. However, it has always been considered a game of intelligence, and not everyone can play it successfully. Nic Szeremeta is an outstanding player who has devoted his whole life to poker and its development in Poland. Here are some of his major achievements in the field. 

  • First, he started playing casino himself,
  • Founded a newspaper, 
  • Became a secretary of the Poker Association, 
  • Created a TV series about poker. 

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