Niurka Marcos sent a warning to the journalist Anabel Hernández and said that “it struck a chord that it shouldn’t”

Niurka Marcos made some confessions

After the publication of the book Emma and the other ladies of the narco by the journalist Anabel Hernández, the world of entertainment was completely shaken , since several celebrities in the middle were linked to drug traffickers.

Thus, between the controversy and the various statements made by celebrities such as Andrés García, Ninel Conde or Galilea Montijo , the star Niurka -who is not mentioned in the text- decided to give her point of view.

In this sense, she took advantage of an interview in Suelta la sopa to send a message to the author of the book.

“I think there are going to be two or three angry ones that are going to reach the jugular, so if you’re ready for that, go ahead, because you touched fibers that you should not touch. It is nothing more to say I know or so and so told me, he has to support it, support it and say this is the proof that I am either slandering because it is the life of the people, “she said.

Niurka also mentioned that living with people who are involved in drug trafficking does not “link to a nexus.”

” I could have caught a person who works in whatever, but I do not sell what he sells,” remarked the star.

In addition, the artist confessed that on one occasion she met a drug dealer, but pointed out that this did not represent a major problem for her.

“I have arrived at a restaurant, I have sat at my table, the person is very respectful and has stood up from his chair and has come to my table to meet me and I have met him very respectfully, because for me he is a fan that I he wants to know, ”she said.

In this sense, she mentioned that she was not afraid of that experience and added that she was calm.

“ My bottom is not puckering. My skin does not turn up, nor does it scare me, nor do I feel persecuted by the DEA, sorry, what is the paranoia ”, concluded Niurka.

The Mexican investigative journalist, Anabel Hernández mentioned several artists in her most recent investigation

The Mexican investigative journalist, Anabel Hernández mentioned several artists in her most recent investigation

It should be remembered that, today, Emma and the other narco ladies is the book that has caused the most controversy, since the names of artists, singers, politicians and groups linked to drug trafficking have caused endless discussions, silences and accusations against of the author, journalist Anabel Hernández.

On taking “letters in the matter” in a legal way against the also writer, the actress and singer Ninel Conde reiterated that her bodies of lawyers, both in Miami, United States, and in Mexico, are already working on the case .

In a brief meeting with the media during his stay in the US, he denied the alleged relationship with a drug cartel and thanked the interest in his situation. She also mentioned that she has a 25-year career, time backed by his followers who like what she does.

“What can I tell you? It is totally false and it is already in the hands of my law firm, both in Mexico and here, they are already working on the issue . I appreciate your interest. You know I have a 25-year career doing this. That is a blessing because to continue doing it for 25 years is because the public likes what we do ”, declared Conde.

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