Moria Casán

Moria Casán confesses: “I have no friends in the middle”

The One gave an opinion on the competition between women and said that sisterhood does not exist. “The mines in general are very competitive,” he shot.

The vedette and host Moria Casán participated in TV Overdose and, true to her spicy style, gave her position regarding her relationship with other women. Thus, in dialogue with La Negra Vernaci and Juan Di Natale, he referred to his female counterparts and explained why he considers that he does not have any friends in the show.

“I have no friends in the environment, very few. It’s hard for me, I’ll have one or two and I don’t want to name them, ” said One, after making a parody of Susana Giménez with La Negra Vernaci. “Outside the middle I have two or three,” he clarified. At that time, Moria explained why she doesn’t get along with other women. “I don’t like the competitive mine. Seeing with a mirror who is the most diva seems very low to me ,  he said. “The mines in general are very competitive and in general, in this environment, which is very unsafe. When you work with the body and it doesn’t give you the head ” , she stated sharply, without naming names.

“I believe little in sisterhood. I was always a non-aggressive feminist, but not in speech but in doing. I made myself alone, I never asked for money or my father. There is always an exacerbation against what is man and I do not go against man. I grew up in a patriarchal society and I made it matriarchal, “he stressed.

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