Michelle Renaud reveals that she faces legal proceedings with her son's father

Michelle Renaud reveals that she faces legal proceedings with her son’s father

Michelle Renaud said that she has always tried to speak well of her son’s father in the media and said that she has always allowed father and son to live together, as she considers it important for the child’s development.

“I have allowed my son to be with him because I believe and I am convinced that no matter what happens, children have to be with their father and mother equally. My son has always had a coexistence with his father, he has gone on a trip with him when he wanted, when I had to go somewhere I let him. There has always been this situation where Marcelo saw his father and although I did not have the help from him as I wanted, I always left everything aside because I think I am self-sufficient and I can take my son out on my own.”

“His father is not bad, Marcelo knows that he loves him with all his heart, but he made mistakes and those mistakes have a consequence. We are in a process of a lot of love and a lot of patience so that his father can recognize those mistakes and can know how a child should never be treated,” she sentenced.

After five years of courtship and waiting for a baby, Michelle Renaud and Josué Alvarado married in 2016 and divorced in 2018, after the breakup, the actress began a relationship with fellow actor Danilo Carrera, with whom she has had an intermittent romance.

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