This time, Michelle appeared wearing a strange mark on one of her cheeks that did not go unnoticed by her followers who immediately wondered what had happened to her face.

Upon receiving so many comments about it, the actress told what happened in a couple of stories: “It cannot be that I am receiving more messages about what the hell I have here than when I removed the implants or if I finished (with Danilo Carrera),” said Michelle Renaud by way of introduction.

“I have three stitches, see, they had to sew me because I was stung with a pin and the pin was black and it was like a tattoo and they had to cut that part of my skin. Never get bitten, always go to the dermatologist!”, said Michelle Renaud in her Instagram stories.

The actress also took the opportunity to thank the dermatologist who fixed the problem: Javier Ruiz.

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