The shocking figure that Meghan Markle will earn for each post on her new Instagram

The Duchess of Sussex is preparing important deals with big-name brands, which ensures her a significant remuneration through her networks

After a three-year absence, Meghan Markle has reopened her official Instagram account. Having disassociated themselves from the royal family, both she and her husband Prince Harry said goodbye to their social networks in favor of a little more privacy. At the time it was reported that the couple would not return to the networks under any circumstances, but it is clear that plans have changed.

Although not yet verified, Meghan already has a new Instagram account. So far, and without having posted a single photo, the former actress already has more than 90 thousand followers on the social network. According to the Daily Mail, the user “Meghan”, a name difficult to get on any popular network, belongs to none other than the Duchess, who has not confirmed it through official channels, but her followers are eagerly awaiting her first publication.

Markle’s Instagram account is not only a platform to be in touch with the world, but also an important source of income, and is that sources of the British media also claim that the Duchess of Sussex could earn up to USD 1 million for each publication she makes on the social network.

How has this conclusion been reached? In the first instance, since the beginning of August rumors were swirling that Meghan was already ready to return to social networks. In fact, her return had been anticipated since 2022 but shortly before launching her controversial podcast, she reconsidered the decision. In this way, Markle would already be in talks with different luxury brands to promote their products and generate millions of dollars.

This was mentioned by Eric Schiffer, a social media expert who predicts a rapid rise in followers in Meghan’s account, which would be very attractive for dozens of brands.

“I expect her to quickly become one of the most followed accounts on Instagram. There are celebrities like the Kardashian’s who can command a million dollars or more for a single post promoting a product. There’s no reason Meghan can’t be earning that kind of fee.”

Schiffer reiterated that, as a member of British royalty, Markle should be careful about the brands she will be promoting, keeping in mind that they “must match her political and social convictions.”

Kent Moore, another expert in the field who is in charge of running the company OneEyedSocial, believes that Markle will soon become one of the most prominent public figures on Instagram, moreover, the idea that for one post she will get to earn a million dollars is a huge understatement.

“I think she would immediately rank among the top ten highest paid influencers in the world. Her status is unique because she is a celebrity, actress and royalty. Brands might want to partner with her for campaigns for a couple of years, with various publications and even personal appearances. These types of deals could be well in excess of $12 million or even $20 million,” Moore says.

Among the brands that will most likely end up teaming up with Markle is Cartier, the exclusive luxury watch brand. Cartier has been very present in the royal family, to the extent that Diana of Wales herself wore one (which Meghan also came to wear).

Other sources indicate that Meghan is already in talks with her close friend Victoria Jackson to launch a makeup line with her name. Everything seems to indicate that before the end of the year, the Duchess of Sussex will make a major comeback on social media; only time will tell if the experts’ speculations are accurate.

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