Mayrín Villanueva and her best poses in mini beach outfits

Mayrín Villanueva and her best poses in mini beach outfits

2022/11/23 at 11:00 pm
2022/11/23 at 11:00 pm

Every day there are more stars of television that use their social networks to show off the spectacular figure that they possess, especially the beautiful women from the middle of the show And although some are already over 50 years old, it is not an impediment to leave their followers infarcted with their great body. Such is the case of Mayrín Villanueva.

The 52-year-old actress has a long trajectory, in which she has stood out in projects such as; “If they let us”, “Neighbors” or “Overcoming the absence”, in addition, she is also recognized for being the actor’s partner Eduardo Santamarina for many years and it has also been consolidating in social networks, above all, with its daring Photos.

Mayrínhas always stood out for its great beauty Physically, since she was a young girl, it was notorious that she has a slim figure, but very well worked out, so it can be seen that now that she is over 50 years of age, she has decided to keep more young man than ever and for this reason, many women her age see her as an example to go out into the world and show off their bodies.

On social networks, the famous always shares a bit of her life, including her work, her family dynamics, but she always manages to captivate her followers with all the photos she has shared modeling daring and tiny beach outfits and for this reason we mention you the ones that have caused the most stir.

Among all these outfits, one that Mayrín Villanueva modeled stands out, because it has finite straps, which is ideal so that no tan marks remain. In addition, the lower part of the swimsuit is wide, and that helps the woman feel more comfortable when it comes to dressing and wearing a swimsuit.

Another success of the famous, according to those who know fashion, was a beach suit that was more covered than others, because it has ruffles that help to cover certain areas of the body and create the optical illusion that there is more of a bust. and more hip. Mayrín Villanueva chose a model in lilac with orange details.

Another model of a beach suit that Mayrín Villanueva boasted also stands out. It is a classic black suit, which is always flattering for any type of body, since black tends to refine silhouettes. This particular swimsuit features a wide, high bottom, which is ideal for covering your tummy.

Another of the costumes with which Mayrin Villanueva caused a sensation in their social networks was a red beach suit, which has ruffles on the panties and in the neckline area, which ultimately made the wife of Eduardo Santamarina. We will have to wait and see what other outfits this actress surprises us with.

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