In a recent interview with “Detail Detail”, Mayella Lloclla provided more details about her participation in “La Reina del Sur 3”, a successful series where we will see her sharing roles with Kate del Castillo, and also with Peruvian actors such as Gerardo Zamora, Emanuel Soriano and Rodrigo Palacios.

The actress said she was proud that the cities of Cusco and Lima are known to many people around the world through the series starring Mexican Kate del Castillo.

I feel super proud to be part of the staff and also because they have come to our country and it will show how wonderful Lima, Cusco is, I would have liked the Jungle to be shown, but because of history (it could not be) . I am also very happy that they have had the support of the Peruvian staff in terms of technicians, professionals. How nice that together we can achieve great things”, she limited.

The protagonist of “Dos Hermanas” only had words of praise for Kate del Castillo, whom she considers an “example of a person”. “Super good vibes, she is a woman of arms to take, very powerful, very sensitive, very simple, very human, she really is like taking an example, she is a person who went through many things, but still she comes out with force and keep going”, she revealed.

“Everyone on the team is A1, it was the first time I worked for Telemundo and there are three units, each unit has about 200 people working behind it, it is a very gigantic group. How nice to have been part of this great project”, she counted.

Mayella Lloclla is confident that her participation in this project will open the doors to internationalization. In addition, he confessed to feeling a great responsibility due to the great support he has received after learning about his participation in “La Reinas del Sur 3”.

“It is a great project that I imagine many doors are going to open, now I have just enjoyed it because there are many people who watch the series. How wonderful. I knew they were part of the history of ‘La Reina del Sur’, but had not been devout like other Peruvians who have followed the series, the fans. The amount of messages that have reached me was incredible, that the women are proud and represented by me, so I feel a great responsibility to be part of this project”, she added.

“There are people who follow me since my beginnings who have seen my process, my growth and from here I send a kiss to all the people who follow me, I am very proud to be part of the project of being with Kate del Castillo who is a great Leader”, she limited.

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