The Royal House of Denmark has just confirmed that Mary of Denmark has contracted Covid-19. As the royal house has also revealed, Mary of Denmark it is isolated alone in Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, until negative. Her husband and children are separated from her because they have not tested positive.

The cases of contagion in Europe are increasing every day. Specifically, in Denmark, the sixth wave of Covid-19 is causing many infections, with an incidence rate that now reaches 1,100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The last time Mary of Denmark was seen in public was with her children, on December 1, when they went to see the ballet “The Snow Queen”, a work in which Queen Margarita was in charge of designing the costumes and scenery. For now, Mary remains confined, waiting for her to be positive and to be able to resume her official schedule.

Christmas is barely nine days away, a holiday that this year is especially important for Mary from Denmark since her son Christian has been studying at a boarding school since last August. August 10 was the big day.

Dressed in the gala uniform (navy blue suit with the coat of arms and striped tie), he moved with his parents to the center Herlufshom Gymnasium, in Naestved, located about 80 kilometers from Copenhagen, as befits a royal and future king of Denmark.

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