Why did Mary Boquitas put up with so much mistreatment from Sergio Andrade? she answers

During the interview Mary Boquitas said: “Sergio Andrade let me know and made me feel that I was normal, that sometimes I deserved to be punished, to be relegated and not to deserve things”.

María Raquenel Portillo, better known as Mary Boquitas, premieres the second season of “En Boca Cerrada”, the podcast where she tells her own story both as Sergio Andrade’s wife, since she was 14 years old, and part of the so-called Trevi-Andrade clan. A project that came out shortly before the premiere of the autobiographical series “Ellas Soy Yo, Gloria Trevi”, where although they changed the name of her character (and most of those involved), the public does identify her.

Did they offer you to participate in the series “Ellas Soy Yo, Gloria Trevi”?

At some point I was approached to do an interview for the series, but obviously, we were in pre-production for “En Boca Cerrada” and we couldn’t participate.

Is it true everything that comes out of it about you?

I haven’t really seen it.

Aren’t you curious?

I’m so focused on “En Boca Cerrada”. I’m so happy with “En Boca Cerrada”, with the impact it’s having that I swear, really, I don’t have time to eat, hahaha!

It is very strong everything that comes out in the series and everything you tell in your podcast, why did you put up with so much? why didn’t you leave?

There are minds that are a little bit more manipulable than others, and I, I don’t know, at some point I was one hundred percent manipulable, in the sense that I somehow believed that what was happening to me, even though I was suffering, (because I was beaten, because I was abused, because I was mentally directed, I was like a robot), that even though my body and my feelings were “this is not right”, culturally I already brought a teaching of sacrifice… because of the way I was educated.

“I came from believing that there was a God that if you did something wrong he would punish you; so somehow I felt it was normal. And Sergio Andrade let me know that and made me have to feel that it was normal, that I deserved to be punished at times, to be relegated and not to deserve things.”

And the time, she says, had a lot to do with it.

We are talking about the 80’s, where no… in fact, I had never met a boy before because I was in a nun’s school and I wanted to be a nun, hahaha!

“Anyway, there were two, three times that I definitely wanted to leave and I wanted to give that up, but I was threatened because I was married (to Andrade); then in my country, well, I think in others too, if you want to leave your home they accuse you of abandonment and you can even go to jail. That was what (he) told me and the fear he instilled in me”.

How did you experience sharing Sergio Andrade with other women? Was it hard?

Ah, of course, my love! Of course it was hard, imagine! I married him for love (at the age of 15); well, at that time I felt that it was love, that I was completely in love, illusioned and the whole story that I tell in “En Boca Cerrada”.

“And my whole story, Raquenel’s story, is based on sacrifices and things and mistakes made, obviously, but all for love; so, of course it obviously hurt me a lot.

“The problem is that psychologically he, he was always looking for my perfection and well I wasn’t perfect, nobody is, so he used those imperfections that I might have or that he said were imperfections to say ‘you are not enough, so I bring more women into my life, into my house’.”

Did you forgive Andrade and Trevi?

When I managed to understand that everything that I had gone through was completely harmful to me, I wanted for my own health and my own emotional, mental and spiritual healing, to forget, forgive and move on.

Does it help you to tell it all on the “En Boca Cerrada” podcast?

Yes, although the catharsis has been very difficult, because it has not been an easy road to be able to tell the story through “En Boca Cerrada”, I am grateful, I am fine with it and it has freed me a lot, it has healed me, because they say that the truth liberates and yes, it liberates, now I feel like ahhh, hahaha!

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