Marta Gayá, photographed with the King Emeritus in Abu Dhabi

Marta Gayá, photographed with the King Emeritus in Abu Dhabi

A team of ‘Viva la vida, led by paparazzi Diego Arrabal, has obtained the images of the King Emeritus and of a woman, Marta Gayá, in Abu Dhabi.

But the exclusive cost them dearly after being surprised by the members of Juan Carlos I’s security: they were detained for four hours by the Emirates police and their images were erased from their cameras.

It was intended to prevent it from coming to light that there is a woman who accompanies Don Juan Carlos in his exile: Marta Gayá.

At least this is what the veteran paparazzi says that, thanks to the help of French computer scientists, he has managed to recover 80% of the material he had recorded on the private island of Noray, the place of residence of the father of the King Felipe VI in Abu Dhabi.

The King Juan Carlos was going to watch the game of Rafa Nadal at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship exhibition tournament. The father of the current monarch wanted to see his great friend tennis player, who returned to the courts after several months away due to an injury.

The mysterious woman accompanying the King Emeritus in Abu Dhabi

In the images recovered from the memory cards of the papapazzi and his team, we see the King Emeritus walking with two members of security. Earlier, a younger woman, accompanied by another member of her security team, heads to the boat that will take them to the center of Abu Dhabi.

Although, at first, Diego Arrabal was told that it was a doctor who accompanies Juan Carlos I, another of the Viva la Vida collaborators, Pilar Vidal, receives other information. It is about Marta Gayá, the friend of the King, more long-lived and endearing.

Although in the images, recorded at a distance, the identity of the mysterious woman is not recognized, there is other evidence that leads to assure the collaborators of the Telecinco program that it is the Mallorcan businesswoman: the presence in the box of King Juan Carlos from José María López de Letona, a great friend of Marta Gayá.

Marta Gayá, another of the recipients of the Emeritus’ generosity

She has been one of the women closest to King Juan Carlos, whom she has known for more than thirty years. The intimate friendship of Marta Gayá and the King reached the media in the early 1990s, although the type of relationship that united “the lady of rumor”, as she was known, and the Head of State was not openly discussed.

She would also receive some financial donation from Don Juan Carlos, even though she had already been replaced in the heart of the Monarch by Corinna Larsen.

Don Juan Carlos’s donation to Gayá took place at the end of 2011, when he was already beginning to distance himself from Corinna. Half a year before suffering the accident in Botswana, which caused his relationship with the German princess to be discovered, and King Emeritus resumed his relations with Marta Gayá.

Proof of this is the donation of 1 million euros that he makes in November 2011, when he had already broken up with Corinna Larsen.

Spanish King Juan Carlos meets Corinna Zu Sayn - Wittgenstein during the Laureus Award 2006 in Barcelona on 22 May 2006.
Spanish King Juan Carlos meets Corinna Zu Sayn – Wittgenstein during the Laureus Award 2006 in Barcelona on 22 May 2006.

Don Juan Carlos and Marta Gayá were seen in public for the last time in Ireland, in July 2017, when they attended the inauguration of the Church of San Juan Bautista together. Later, according to the media, they traveled to the Dominican Republic, Miami and Switzerland.

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