Marjorie de Sousa raised the pulse of fans posing in the pool

Marjorie de Sousa raised the pulse of fans posing in the pool

“A mermaid!” Was what Marjorie de Sousa’s followers surely exclaimed when they were dazzled by the incomparable beauty that the actress showed in one of the most popular photographs published on her social networks. In it she showed that age is nothing more than a number for her beauties.

With that security that characterizes the Venezuelan, she was giving her best angle to the camera in order to delight the pupil of her admirers. The photo was so well received by her community on the little camera’s social network that it was even shared by other fan accounts.

At 42 years old, Marjorie de Sousa He is better than ever and shining with all his potential, because with the reduced beach suit that he was wearing during his little getaway to the pool, he showed that his physical condition is wonderful thanks to his efforts training in the gym and his self-care routines .

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The outfit she was modeling was a bright blue two-piece swimsuit with a boho-chic print, which follows the trend of fashion that the soap opera actress likes to select in all her looks, as she has shown in the many videos taken behind the scenes of their photo shoots.

Marjorie de Sousa
Marjorie de Sousa raised the pulse of fans posing in the pool.

In addition, the outfit was complemented with a brown straw hat and a kimono woven from natural fibers in neutral tones, in addition, she did not leave glamor behind and decided to wear quite high velvet platforms even at the edge of the pool, lengthening her legs as much as possible.

Surely on his days of relaxation he had a great time, since the tan on his skin betrays that he has spent long hours sunbathing and enjoying the attractions that Miami has, such as the beaches and thousands of museums throughout the city. beautiful coast.

While the photo is now a few months old, it’s always a good time to remember how beautiful she looks in the wide variety of outfits she’s modeled over the years. And what better than reliving these looks a few days before the summer holidays mark its beginning.

In the surroundings it can be seen that Marjorie de Sousa It was in one of the many rustic villas, because the architecture of the place and the decoration full of handcrafted elements, in addition to the plants, show that it is a place with a family and quiet atmosphere.

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