Mario Casas and his show of support for his former Blanca Suárez

Mario Casas and his show of support for his former Blanca Suárez

Although their relationship ended almost two years ago, love and friendship continue to exist between them

Blanca Suárez and Mario Casas have known each other for ten years, when they both coincided in the filming of ‘El Barco’.

At that time, the rumors that there might be something more than friendship between them began to sound strongly, although it was not until 2017 when it was confirmed that the actors they had given themselves a chance as a couple.

It was one of the courtships most applauded by public opinion, although none of them spoke before the media about their romance. Unfortunately, in October 2019 the news was published that they had decided to go their separate ways.

However, there is still a certain affection and friendship between them, as they have shown with various public displays of affection. The last one comes from the Instagram profile of Mario Casas, who has shared the trailer for ‘Jaguar’ in the stories section of his account, the new Netflix series starring Blanca Suárez.

A sign of support for his ex’s work that highlights the strong bond that still binds them together. It is true that he also participates in the project Óscar Casas, his little brother, but it is the Madrid actress who plays the main role. In fact, it is her character who gives the fiction its name.

As mentioned above, it is not the first time that Blanca Suárez and Mario Casas have publicly shown their affection. Recently, in connection with the Goya that the actor won, the interpreter was full of compliments towards him.

It is wonderful! Obviously the whole profession and especially I am very happy that he is doing well and that your hard work, because you work very hard, be rewarded in this regard!”, she pointed out during a meeting with the press.

For his part, Mario Casas was very grateful for these words of affection that he received from his friend, partner and ex-girlfriend: “I appreciate your words. She is wonderful, with her I have shared many things. She is a great actress and person, and she wishes me the best as I wish her”.

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