Felipe VI's secret getaway to Palma

Felipe VI’s secret getaway to Palma

It had been at least two years since Felipe VI had visited what is one of his favorite places in Palma, so the surprise of some diners and of the bar owner himself, Juan Jiménez, was capital, although, not for that reason, less discreet.

Felipe VI Last Friday, September 3, he enjoyed an informal dinner at Nito’s, a place located in Gomila and a few meters from the Marivent Palace.

As La Razón has been able to know exclusively, the monarch, after fulfilling his schedule obligations, and just days after saying goodbye to his daughter, Princess Leonor, who begins a new academic stage in Wales, flew to Palma on Friday afternoon to share a tablecloth with her great friend, the Mallorcan singer-songwriter Jaume Anglada, and other members of her circle of trust.

Undoubtedly, it is in this modest chicken rotisserie on the island, which opened its doors for the first time in 1969, where the King feels most comfortable: the same table is always requested in the reservation -if possible- and in the order, a piece of chicken, fried potatoes and the sauce that makes a place frequented by locals, a few passing tourists and some VIPs loyal to Mallorca, especially in summer; in fact, even the emeritus don Juan Carlos himself dropped by the place at some time.

They are not the only ones: Kyril from Bulgaria, the infantas Elena and Cristina and even the British artist Bonnie Tyler herself have been clients of Nito’s, which boasts of serving “fresh and homemade” cuisine. The one who has never been seen in the restaurant is Queen Letizia.

The evening of Felipe VI and his table companions was cordial and very relaxed, as witnesses of the meeting assure this newspaper. After paying in cash – a ration costs around ten dollars – the Head of State retired to Marivent where, according to all indications, he spent the weekend before returning to Zarzuela.

It is unknown whether Queen Sofía, who intended to enjoy Mallorca throughout the month of September, is still rested in the Mallorcan palace.

It is not the first time this summer that the King “escapes” for dinner with his friends. The last one, without going any further, was on Thursday, August 12.

When all the information pointed to the fact that the monarch had ended his official vacation on the island, the local newspapers reported that Felipe VI had gone out for a drink at a restaurant located a few steps from Marivent and on the beach, in the Cala Major area: the Kokomo Surf Café, specialist in Italian pasta.

According to the only photograph taken by journalist Julián Aguirre, the Head of State once again shared a table with Jaume Anglada and two other friends.

It is being a very gastronomic summer for the King. With Queen Letizia and her two daughters, Leonor and Sofía, with the emerita Doña Sofía, Princess Irene and the Fruchaud couple, they dined after handing out the awards for the regattas at the Ola de Mar restaurant, in Portitxol.

Days later, and the four of them alone, they got to know the new gastronomic proposal of chef Martin Berasategui in Palma, the Txoko, in the heart of Passeig Mallorca in the Balearic capital.

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