The path to clarify how Mario Biondo died continues to open new paths. If last November, the Palermo Justice pointed out that there were numerous anomalies in the third autopsy that kept the investigation open, now it points to a key fact: the ex-husband of Raquel Sánchez Silva could have been accompanied the night who passed away.

A compelling thesis that the Italian lawyer Carmelita Morreale contributes in her investigation and that has already been delivered to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Palermo Court of Appeal, according to ‘La Vanguardia’. The lawyer is based on the fact that in addition to Mario Biondo’s mobile there were two other devices connected to his Facebook and Twitter accounts, including one of them automatically to the Wi-Fi of his home.

This certainty is thanks to Emme Team, a multidisciplinary company directed by the lawyer Chris Newberg, whose headquarters is in Chicago (Illinois, USA) The delegation in Italy, whose professionals include criminal lawyers, computer experts and legal advisers has carried out these inquiries. His specialty is the world of the Internet, as well as reputation maintenance, copyright protection, anti-pedophilia, and legal and investigative assistance.

Mario Biondo’s parents, Santina and Pippo , were the ones who contacted the North American company in order to continue demonstrating their version, which has always been that their son was murdered and not a suicide, as certified by the Spanish Justice in 2013. Emme Team was also investigated the case of Tiziana Cantone, a young woman who was found hanged with a pashmina, as the Spanish coroner said that the camera operator was found on May 30, 2013.

Once it was certified that at least one mobile phone connected to Mario Biondo’s IP, the Italian lawyer Carmelita Morreale answered ‘La Vanguardia’ the million dollar question: Who connected? “The investigation is ongoing in order to try to identify who or who were. We don’t know yet, but we do know that one of the two mobile phones was automatically hooked up to the house’s Wi-Fi, that is, its network and password were in the device’s memory », he says. The last signal from the first unknown smartphone is recorded at 20:09 on the Wi-Fi at the house of Biondo and Sánchez Silva in Madrid. For its part, the second is collected the night before, in the form of a last contact on Mario Biondo’s social networks at 9:23 p.m.

The Spanish criminologist and former Mosso d’Esquadra, Óscar Tarruella , works for Mario Biondo’s family and after learning this new information, he has not hidden his joy on social networks. «We are tightening the fence. Let’s see who can discuss it with us now », he wrote on his Twitter account.

The truth is that the investigation to clarify the death of the camera is still open, fervently driven by his parents and with many questions to be resolved. Today, the end is one step closer.

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