Mariñas’s chronicle: Fashion Week returns but dwarfed

Mariñas’s chronicle: Fashion Week returns but dwarfed

There is a relative social calm, which is a good autumnal prologue. Summer is not forgotten, nor hot days from the uncomfortable distance imposed by what they already know and suffer from.

We will have to be patient, resign ourselves and endure, what a remedy !, is what in small circles –because they have imposed it– is commented in the lower case –not to say ridiculous– FashionWeek madrileña. It is not a shadow of what it was.

It hurts and causes sadness.I wonder if it had not been more worthy for his history to have turned the page and started from scratch. It is bad to try to resuscitate what already smells. And this is what happens with this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week so generating melancholy, nostalgia and sadness.

At least we have his memory because no one trusts that the present can surpass what it was, achieved and achieved. You have to bury the dead and put flowers on them. Leave them alone as a memory producer of sighs.

And be careful that in this reborn edition there are names like those of Pertegaz, an eternal classic of our fashion, Duyos, Roberto Torretta or Teresa Helbig, a promising list that allows us to trust that everything is not a simple and apparent mirage.

Madrid deserves it and they should put effort, sacrifices and all the meat on the grill so that it is not limited to being just an attempt.

It is encouraging that they have distributed the parades in different settings such as the lucid Canal Theaters or the increasingly valued, museum and historical Hotel Ritz, still so sumptuous and respectful and faithful to its original decoration, something that has cost a lot – and not only money – to Pedro Trapote, its self-appointed owner and conservator.

Within the significant premises transformed into an occasional catwalk, the baroque Palacio de Santoña was the setting for the Benjamin Friman parade where, in a very difficult costume, Belén Rueda was exhibited because she was a close friend of the creator.

It was her debut on the runway and she excited her 56 years. He did not disappoint with a rather difficult white suit, with suspenders and a crossed tie at chest level. It wasn’t easy to show off, but she could. Now we can only hope, wish and trust that everything will get better. So be it.

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