Once again the beautiful Costa Rican artist Maribel Guardia, wanted to show us how beautiful she can be in her wardrobe while giving a show on stage, one of those favorite places to be.

This time she was visiting Nezahualcoyotl celebrating the month of pride Along with the followers of that community who have been supporting her so much in recent years, an excellent way to contribute something to them and above all to show all that love she has to give.

It is a piece of entertainment in the form of a video, placed on your Instagram official where she managed to surprise her more than 7.6 million followers, singing and dancing in a bright navy blue outfit, with her usual fishnet stockings, dance shoes and of course super well-groomed and made-up, ready for the show.

It quickly obtained tens of thousands of reproductions and Internet users also dedicated themselves to leaving likes and flattering comments, compliments, congratulations and of course that special recognition for supporting the community.

Some users also dedicated themselves to apologizing for not having been able to attend to observe her, they were left wanting to meet her in person and of course they had to communicate it to her.

We were able to appreciate the incredible energy that the celebrity has, always happy and with that positive attitude that helps her continue to grow her career, something that has not stopped.

Maribel Guardia

Maribel Guardia shared her video supporting the community this Pride month.

Maribel Guardia last week was also visiting Guadalajara to celebrate the month, very special dates that she considers important to support, respecting and also thanking all those who have supported her and who are part of this group.

Let us remember that the native of Costa Rica does not just work on the aforementioned, she always has invitations to new projects and is currently developing as an excellent Influencer, uploading photographs from the most beautiful and comfortable places in her home, posing with the most elegant dresses and interesting clothing sets, promoting them by collaborating with online stores that contacted her about it.

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