María Teresa Campos reacts to the alleged relationship between Bigote Arrocet and Bárbara Rey

María Teresa Campos reacts to the alleged relationship between Bigote Arrocet and Bárbara Rey

Just a week ago the news leaked: Edmundo Arrocet and Bárbara Rey, are lovers! The couple, who have been in a discreet relationship for three months, went together and very happy to a party in the capital and, very complicit, confirmed, according to the witnesses of their star appearance, that theirs was more than a friendship and that between them there is real “magic”.

While Barbara continues without confirming or denying her love affair with Bigote, the Chilean continues to maintain that she has been single for a “long time” and that it is the press who “invented” her affairs.

And although today their relationship is a mystery, the ex of the comedian who had been silent until now has spoken about it. Maria Teresa Campos, tired of questions from the press, she has reappeared near the end of 2021 and, emphatically, has made it clear that she has nothing to say about the love life of the man with whom she shared 6 years of her life.

“Point one, I have nothing to see, nothing to say, it is not a matter of my competence and everyone can be with whoever they want. If I am going to clarify one thing and that is when they talk about this man instead of saying the ex of María Teresa Campos, they could say anything else, like for example the ex of 1,2,3, right? Arrocet Mustache”, she declared visibly upset to Europa Press.

Focused on finalizing the details of her new home, María Teresa Campos has barely been seen publicly in recent times, trying to stay out of the news that she has indirectly starred in these weeks with her daughters and her former partner.

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