Yesterday we learned the sad news that Ana Obregón will not present the 2022 Chimes due to her positive in Covid, as she herself announced through her social networks; and today we wake up with good news. And is that Paz Padilla, which will present the grapes on Telecinco, has also tested positive for the virus.

In an Instagram live with Anne Igartiburu and María del Monte, the presenter confesses that she has been isolated because she was also infected: “It was very sad, I don’t know how I caught it, or where, I only had a headache and nasal congestion. I ran out of Christmas, me and my brothers”.

The actress sadly explained that it was the second year that she had not been able to dine with her family: “I was dining alone, it was very sad.”

But the conversation between the three has not stopped there and is that Paz Padilla has pronounced some words that have quickly made her a Trending Topic on social networks.

The presenter of ‘Save me’ assured that she believes that “vaccines are useless” since, having mutated the virus, “even if they put a protein in you, it enters from the other side and you get infected, so it doesn’t matter if you wear two, three or more”.

“The good thing is that in Africa so many people have been infected and there are so many immunized people since there are few with Covid and it is believed that this will be the end of the Covid,” she added during the live on Instagram.

Some controversial statements that have unleashed criticism among her followers and colleagues, as is the case of Belén Esteban.

That of Paracuellos has not been able to repress her and has publicly charged against Paz through her Instagram account. Thus, sharing the presenter’s statements on her social networks, the ‘People’s Princess’ has written: “There are unnecessary things and this is one of them. We have to get vaccinated”.

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