The beautiful Mexican singer María León fell in love with her followers after showing off in a coquettish black strapless dress in which she perfectly accentuated her beauty, since she attended the event in which 10 years of the cultural center of “The Songbook“.

The Songbook“It is an auditorium located in Mexico City, according to its official Instagram account, it describes it as”Unique space in Mexico City thanks to its architectural design, extraordinary isoptics and variable acoustics. #thecantoral“where several artists perform musical events, of all genres, since even orchestras have been there.

Being a quite iconic cultural place, on its tenth anniversary they decided to “throw the house out the window” because they organized a completely free concert and for everyone’s safety, this event will be online, so that listeners can be from the comfort of their home enjoying the show.

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Now, being a place that is very fond of celebrity Mary Leon From her Instagram account, she shared a post where you can see that she attended the event looking simply beautiful in a long black dress, her straps looking thick, the style of the beautiful garment was fringed with several layers, giving it movement. at every step the singer took.

María León
María León dazzles with beauty in fringed dress with layers

Her long, dark hair gathered in a perfect bun that did not allow any rebellious strand to obstruct her face, open high-heeled sandals to add even more elegance to her image and a little color with her accessories, since you stand out with a stone in a shade of passionate red hung from her earlobes.

The former vocalist of limbo beach He headed the publication with some emotional words, she wrote:

“Happy 10 years to this beautiful Cultural Center that has been home for me, for so many songs, for so many authors and for so many artists. May there be many more years”

Tagging the account and adding some emoticons celebrating the anniversary of the audience, for which he was happy, because in the clip he shared, he gave the press a sincere smile.

Now, not only did the singer attend this event, but later she had the concert for Alaïa Guanajuato, which also had youtuber Luisito Comunica as a guest, who was given a “Q&A” for her followers.

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