Marcelo Polino is isolated and goes through the disease with some symptoms. In addition, Marcelo Polino remarked that he has the complete vaccination schedule.

In the last hours, Marcelo Polino reported through his social networks that he tested positive for coronavirus . The journalist said that he has some symptoms and that he is isolated. “I have my complete vaccination schedules,” he clarified.

His message, more than notifying his followers about his personal situation, was aimed at alerting about the growth of cases. Thank you for always being there. Take care, he’s brave ”, he warned.

In recent days, other celebrities such as Jorge Rial and Iván de Pineda said that they tested positive. “Like many, I thought that the virus was no longer going to reach me. But COVID makes no exceptions. Thanks to the fact that I am fully vaccinated, I have mild symptoms of the disease. The lack of smell was the alert. So keep taking care of yourself, and get vaccinated! For you and the others! ”, Said the former Intruders (America) .

Marcelo Polino was one of the figures who was vaccinated in Miami

In mid-May, Marcelo Polino  joined the list of famous Argentines who traveled to Miami to get vaccinated against the coronavirus . In that Florida city, the journalist received the single dose from Johnson & Johnson. “I was scared, but I’m happy because I did it,” he said in dialogue with Flor de Equipo  (Telefe).

The “ MasterChef Celebrity ambassador ” explained that contrary to what happens to general people, he does not like to leave his house. ” For me it was a tremendous operation , ” he explained before detailing the process.

And he added: “Yesterday morning I arrived in Miami with all the nerves and fears that come to get vaccinated gives me. I was very scared and they know it. I got off the plane, my assistant came to look for me, who is already vaccinated, and we drove to a campus ”.

Marcelo Polino explained how vaccination programs work in Miami

When telling how he was vaccinated in the United States, the journalist valued the organization that was in the vaccinations . “They line up, they just ask for a passport and a phone to find you. There they vaccinate you and leave you waiting ten minutes in case you have any adverse reaction. That is the whole process, there it ends ”, he said.

In addition, when asked about his decision to be immunized abroad, he avoided getting into controversy. “Seeing so distant the possibility of getting vaccinated in Argentina and having the economic possibility, I did it. I am blessed to have taken advantage of this opportunity ”, he concluded.

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