His relationship with them was cold for a long time

None of his children were at his side at the time of his death, they did not even know the seriousness of their father. Manolo Santana passed away orphan of children, oblivious to the lives of Manolo, Beatriz, Bárbara, Borja and Alba. They were not seen either in the burning chapel which was set up this Sunday in a hospital in Marbella.

The Colombian was a wall where the tennis player’s children ran into each time they were interested in their father’s health. Neither was aware of its severity. In this sense, Claudia ignored the affection that her husband felt for his family. But the truth is that Manolo santana adored his wife and did not allow himself to be criticized in her presence.

If the son of the South American was in the burning chapel, Christian, who replaced, at the express wish of his mother, Borja Santana in the board of directors of the Marbella tennis club that leads the name of the iconic athlete, and that, they say, could appear as one of the greatest graces in Manolo’s will.

The gossips suggest that Claudia has it all tied up and well tied. And is that the Colombian does not have a fool’s hair. It was the hand that rocked Santana’s crib, there is no doubt about that.

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