The collaboration between Maluma and Adam Levine, the vocalist of the famous band Maroon V, will be released. And it is that little was known about this collaboration for many months after that working together was hinted at.

Well now, less than a week later, the urban music star was announcing through his Instagram account that the premiere will take place on October 20. The name of the song is ‘Ojalá’ and it fits the sentimental situation of the American singer like a glove.

The accounts of both in the social network of the camera were posting a video clip in which Maluma tried to teach his colleague some phrases in Spanish, but not just any kind, since he set out to teach one of the expressions that people use the most in his native Medellín.

The video shows both of them in what appears to be a photography studio, there he was demonstrating his skills as a teacher by making Adam Levine learn the phrase that they are most often heard using in their interviews and in their daily lives, a classic of each of them. the conversations.

“We are going to teach you the slang in Spanish with a couple of words… I mean, medal words. So this is the most important”, he began saying, and then proceeded to show him the first two words with great kindness and in anticipation of what would happen, “What… Chimba…”, he explained, and then listened to the impeccable pronunciation of the opposite .

After a few attempts, Maluma managed to get him to say “Qué chimba parcero” fluently and with a very good diction, so he felt well served, but not before explaining to him with laughter the meaning of this wonderful phrase so common among Colombians. His fans received him quite well.

The date is already set so that fans can enjoy the song ‘Ojalá’, which has divided many in a matter of opinions thanks to the most recent scandal of the Maroon V vocalist, after being accused of infidelity to his wife, who hopes the third of his children, whom he allegedly sought to name as the model with whom he was unfaithful.

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