Actress Maite Perroni, who played Lupita Fernández in the popular Mexican series RBD, did not hesitate to wish the cast of the new version of “Rebelde” the best, the same one that will debut in January 2022 on Netflix.

“I wish you the best, the truth is I think it is a great project, it is a great opportunity. It is a new generation and that energy, that passion and that talent has to go out into the world. I want it to be a success for everyone and that they enjoy it to the fullest”, said the actress to the cameras of the program “Sale el Sol”.

Likewise, the artist recognized that RBD greatly influenced her acting and musical career. “Rebel for me is and will always be a giant heart in my life that has only filled me with love”, Perroni added.


On the other hand, the actress Dulce María, who played the character of Roberta in the version where Perroni acted, also spoke about the new Netflix proposal.

“I liked the music, I liked the song, how they changed it, how the voices sang… It struck me as nostalgic because obviously it is a song that is impregnated in my DNA, that is, Rebelde I sing it even asleep. But seeing it like this gave me nostalgia and at the same time it gave me emotion that it is still alive, that it continues to exist and that they continue to do so because it really is also a tribute to us”, she opined.

“I know that our generation is very jealous of what ‘Rebelde’ was and I think every Rebelde project, because there have been like several versions; they are all unique, they all go to different people and well, it gave me nostalgia and I wish them the best”, she added.

On January 5, “Rebelde” will arrive on Netflix from the hand of a new generation of actors such as Azul Guaita, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jerónimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Lizeth Selene, Alejandro Puente and Giovanna Grigio.


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