Magaly Medina criticized Richard Acuña for renting a movie theater to propose to Brunella Horna

Magaly Medina criticized Richard Acuña for renting a movie theater to propose to Brunella Horna

Magaly Medina She was no stranger to the marriage proposal of Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña. This July 18, the popular “Urraca” did not hesitate to comment on the recent engagement and criticized the fact that César Acuña’s son had rented a movie theater to make the marriage proposal.

As it is recalled, on the last Saturday, July 16, videos and photos of the romantic moment organized by the former congressman were released to ask the host of América Hoy to marry him. The politician hired the Cineplanet space so that photographs of both appear and, later, she knelt with ring in hand to ask the blonde businesswoman the long-awaited question.

To celebrate, they ended with a party where Ezio Oliva sang live. The fact has been highly commented both on social networks and in the different show programs and Magaly TV La Firme was no exception.

“I thought Richard was going to be more creative and of course not stingy. I would have taken her on a plane to Paris. If they wanted the beach they had the Maldives. I don’t know how many dream islands there are to propose to your girlfriend, especially when you have money as a court. Oh please! four thousand soles, what will it have cost him? began by saying the journalist.

“Hopefully the wedding is better than the one requested, not like this to suddenly close a movie theater to play some videos, a song and ask for her hand”he added.

Likewise, it did not go unnoticed that the hosts of América Hoy were not present. “I don’t see her morning friends anywhere. It seems that none of them are from her close circle because they were conspicuous by her absence, they were not summoned or called ”.

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