Anthony Fauci: America’s chief epidemiologist will retire before 2024

Anthony Fauci: America’s chief epidemiologist will retire before 2024

America’s chief epidemiologist and visible face of the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, Anthony Fauciwill retire before the end of the term of the current president, Joe Biden, in 2024, the scientist said on Monday in an interview with the Politico media.

“If someone says: ‘You will leave when there is no more covid’, then I will be 105 years old. I think we’re going to live with this.” Fauci said of his expectations for what will happen with the disease in the future.

The expert believes that we will end up having to get an annual booster dose, like the flu vaccine, to control a condition that continues to leave hundreds of deaths daily in the United States, the country with the most deaths from covid register in the world.

Even so, the expert acknowledged in the interview that there is a lot of weariness, even among people who wear a mask and have followed health recommendations, since everyone wants to “leave the pandemic behind”.

Maw has become the most popular face of the health emergency in the country, with numerous appearances on radio and television programs to answer questions and try to combat the misinformation that circulates about the COVID-19.

He is the greatest expert EU in infectious diseases and has advised 7 presidents, including Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump (2017-2021), with whom he had notorious differences on the strategy to combat the pandemic.

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