Madonna and her exercise routine to see herself with a flat stomach

Thanks to her career, her multiple successes, her imposition of new fashions and trends, as well as its incredible physical condition and spectacular silhouette, have made Madonna the Queen of pop, making many women and men look for her secrets to stay in such good physical shape at 63 years of age.

Achieving to stay slim and at an ideal weight is a challenge for many people, so having a marked or flat abdomen, as well as maintaining a good figure is even more difficult, especially if you are already over 50 years of age, but, Madonna has done for years. What is her exercise secret?

Madonna’s trainer revealed some tips that the singer follows to flatten the abdomen at 63 years old, in an interview for “Allure”.

In more than 40 years of artistic career, Madonna has remained a professional in everything she does, she is even still in force and working for her millions of fans and for many she looks exactly the same as when she began her career. So here are some of the tips that Madonna herself follows to have a body that will take your breath away, no matter how old she is.

Nicole Winhoffer has been Madonna’s personal trainer for two and a half years, in the interview she mentioned what are the exercises and tricks that the singer does to look spectacular.

In the first place, she highlighted that, to get the most out of training, Madonna drinks an energy drink before doing her exercise routine, according to the expert, this helps to have more energy to strengthen muscles, but it is recommended that each person consult your doctor beforehand, as these types of drinks should be supervised by professionals when combined with exercise.

According to the trainer, Madonna dedicates six days of the week to her training, although she is a woman who is active every day, something very positive, according to the trainer, because the best thing would be to exercise daily.

“Put in your calendar that every day you will exercise for at least 10 minutes,” Madonna’s trainer recommended.

The pop diva loves to dance, it is her favorite exercise to lose weight and stay spectacular. Dancing is a very fun exercise, and even a person can lose up to 900 calories in a period of 45 minutes. According to Madonna’s trainer, dancing will help tone your abdomen and buttocks.

Another curious fact about the “Music” performer’s routine is that she regularly drinks coconut water during her workouts. According to Nicole Winhoffer, coconut contains potassium which is crucial for building muscles, so anyone can include coconut water in their diet to see better results.

Regarding the training time, Madonna spend two hours at a time each day, which could lead to monotony and eventually become boring, so to avoid mental exhaustion, you can add some accessories to make the exercise routine more fun, according to the trainer.

“I always try to incorporate an accessory like towels, a pilates box, chairs, ballet bars… even a scooter,” the trainer recommended.

With this series of simple exercises, you can maintain and obtain a slim and well-shaped silhouette like that of Madonna. It is very important that, before doing any of these exercises, you consult your GP.

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