It may have taken longer than expected, but the queen of pop has finally responded to 50 Cent to teach her a lesson after he publicly poked fun at the lingerie photo shoot she posed for last November that shared on Instagram. 

50 Cent claimed that the singer looked like the bad witch of the west from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when Dorothy’s house fell on her and the artist’s fans were quick to jump on her. 

Now Madonna has clarified that she does not accept her apologies because they mean nothing if she does not really understand what she did wrong and has only retracted for fear of controversy. “An apology is not valid if you do not know why you are apologizing.

What you should apologize for is your misogynistic, sexist and discriminatory behavior and comments. You haven’t hurt my feelings, because I haven’t taken it personally. I could never do it because it didn’t come from someone smart. “

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