Sadly, an event would occur that would leave the entire world with a bitter taste in the mouth and it happened again, a student would attack an elementary school in the state of Texas, taking with him 19 children’s lives and 2 teachers who worked there. The president of the United States would talk about this terrible case and about the solution that he comes up with so that it does not happen again, since it is very common.

So several artists spoke about how they felt knowing that this kind of thing continues to happen in schools and the iconic Queen of pop was no exception, since Madonna used her Instagram account where she shared a video in which we can see a children’s choir in a church, it is implied that a mass is being held for children and teachers who do not they were able to get out of there and they were unlucky, after those images are presented those of the v1ct1ma5.

Then ask a question “Haven’t we had enough?” and project the singer’s face a few tears rolling down her eyes while expressing a feeling of sadness mixed a little by impotence for what happened on her face.

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She wrote all his feelings in the header of the Instagram post, which currently has more than a million views and more than 6 thousand comments where his followers express their feelings and agree with those of Madonna that this situation is getting out of hand.

The interpreter of “Frozen” first she began expressing her anguish, she wrote:

“I can’t imagine the pain and anguish that the parents of these 19 children must feel. I have children in primary school and if one day they don’t come home from school, I don’t think I can survive.”
To then question the facility that an 18-year-old boy had for the objects with which she committed the terrible event that cost those 19 infants and 2 teachers who will not be able to see their families again, Madonna continued:

“The shooter posted countless warnings on IG and Facebook announcing his plans to shoot. His grandmother and students at a school. No one noticed!! No one stopped him. How is this possible?”
Further down in the letter, she questions why the NRA refuses to change its position on the easy acquisition of the objects with which the 18-year-old boy carried out the terrible deeds. The solution that seems feasible to you is to reduce access to these dangerous objects.

“We Need to Protect Our Children!!”

Madonna: Breaks the silence and expresses her feelings on the Texas issue
Madonna: Breaks the silence and expresses her feelings on the Texas issue

It was one of the phrases that sounded the most all over the internet, since as I said at the beginning, this situation is not the first time that it happens, it happens frequently in the United States because they have easy access to equipment that if it falls into the wrong hands It ends in a terrible tragedy, which is what happens in these cases, so the singer decides to raise her powerful voice to see if a change in the legislation can be made.

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