The singer would have distanced himself from his brother, Alejandro Basteri as a result of the launch of this brand in honor of his mother

Through his official Instagram account , Alejandro Basteri , Luis Miguel’s brother , announced the launch of the ‘ Basteri Collection ‘ clothing line , in honor of his mother, Marcela Basteri.

Luis Miguel: The painful story behind Marcela Basteri’s clothing line

The businessman invited his followers to follow the account where he shared some images of the pieces that are part of the brand’s first collection.

At the beginning of this year it was announced that Alejandro Basteri was working on said clothing line, however, it was learned that the interpreter of ‘ Now You Can Go ‘ would not be involved in the project.

Some media even reported that Luis Miguel and his brother had distanced themselves since the ‘ Sol ‘ found out that Alejandro was profiting from the image of his mother.

The singer strongly opposed the launch of the brand, even tried to persuade his brother but seeing his firm decision, he preferred to get away from him.

Luis Miguel and the memory of his mother

Luis Miguel and the memory of his mother

Throughout his career, Luis Miguel has been characterized by keeping his private life away from the spotlight and one of the issues that he has most suspiciously cared for has been his mother’s legacy, which over the years he has dealt with to keep a secret despite the public’s interest in knowing more about Marcela Baseri.

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