Luis Medina, new Marquis of Villalba: his brother, Rafa, has given him the title

Luis Medina, new Marquis of Villalba: his brother, Rafa, has given him the title

His thorn was stuck. But only for a matter of family roots. When his grandmother María Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba, Duchess of Medinaceli, died in 2013, Luis Medina (40) he took it for granted that he would receive one of the more than 30 noble titles he possessed. And not on a whim. He had reason to count on it. «While my grandmother was alive, my uncle, the Duke of Segorbe, told me about the illusion that the grandmother had that all her grandchildren had a title and that they had thought for me that of Count of San Martín de Hoyos. That distribution was signed. But time passed, my grandmother passed away and I found out that my uncle never moved that document, “he said in 2018. Indeed, that never happened. And over the years the family gap has been widening.

Just a few weeks ago it was made public that the Duke of Segorbe left some members of the family out of the Casa Ducal de Medinaceli Foundation, one of the most important in Spain. No one wanted to talk about it. Luis, neither. The San Martín de Hoyos county thing hurt him And although he deeply respects his uncle’s work at the foundation, he never understood the reason for that decision. He neither wanted to walk a title nor was he looking for any controversy about that matter. It was simply a matter of fulfilling her grandmother’s wish.

And perhaps that was precisely what led to his brother, Rafa Medina (42), to make the decision that will make it possible. Duke of Feria since 2002, a title he inherited after the death of his father, the eldest son of Naty Abascal received at the same time the Marquisate of Villalba, created by King Felipe II in 1567 and which, unlike the Duchy of Feria, does not have Grandeur from Spain. It is the title that you have decided to donate to your little brother.

Most illustrious sir

As LA RAZÓN has learned, the procedures are already well advanced. The assignment has been initialed before a notary public and the family lawyer will send the official request in a few days, since the period in which legal opposition to the transfer of the title could be filed has passed. Ahead is the regulatory procedure: it must be published in the BOE and King Felipe will have to sign his agreement. From then on, Luis will receive the treatment of most illustrious gentleman, but little else. He himself has recognized his inner circle that he is excited for an exclusively sentimental issue.

«Titles are useless and he knows it, but belonging to the family he belongs to and knowing that it was the express wish of his grandmother that he inherit one of the titles of the family, he considers that it has been a precious gesture on the part of his brother and he will carry it with great pride, although with doors outside does not translate into anything. In this way, the current Duke of Feria leaves his two children, Rafael and Laura, eight years old, out of the direct inheritance of the Marquisate of Villalba, although there are those who point out that between them there is a future assignment pact so that the twins can each inherit a title.

For that, in any case, there would be years left. In the meantime, the new Marquis of Villalba will continue to lead the life of always. Although in recent months his priorities have changed. Further away from public life than ever, Luis has spent part of the pandemic outside Madrid, surrounded by nature, reading a lot and enjoying an absolutely voluntary solitude. His circle of friends remains intact and he sees his closest friends frequently, but avoids their media projection. Apparently he is neither interested nor in the mood for it. He continues to be professionally linked to the fashion sector and is exploring other possible avenues of business.

As for brides, he is not known today either. The “World’s Sexiest Bachelor” –According to the prestigious French magazine “Point de vue” – he remains just as attractive, charming, polite, funny and single. Behind she leaves an innumerable list of girlfriends, special friends and various euphemisms. His friends say that now none of that worries him. He has moved near his brother’s house in Madrid, in the El Viso neighborhood, and leads a quiet life seeing his loved ones, talking a lot with his mother and enjoying his nephews, whom he had been away for so many years, when Rafa lived in Barcelona for work reasons. “He looks immensely happy, calm and transmits a lot of peace,” they assure us.

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