Luis Gerardo Méndez talks about his shocking physical transformation for ‘Narcos’

Luis Gerardo Méndez talks about his shocking physical transformation for ‘Narcos’

In an interview with Men’s Journal, the actor of tapes as We the noble, shared the great challenge that it was for him to obtain muscle mass without ‘destroying his body’.

The first thing the actor did was to document himself as much as possible so as not to make mistakes in his diet, which he has always taken care not to gain weight.

“I knew I wanted professional help to gain weight. I was not looking to destroy my body and I spoke with a couple of nutritionists and trainers to get as much information as possible first, “he told the aforementioned media outlet.

Méndez described the beginning of his regime as very “fun” as he ate pizza, ice cream, hamburgers and protein shakes practically all day, however soon after this type of food began to “exceed” him.

“Then I started eating around 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day, much more than the usual 2,000. It was a lot of food. At first it’s fun to eat all this ice cream, pasta, and pizza. But after four days, it gets over you. He ate a lot more than he used to. I was also drinking these 2,000 calorie shakes between meals. ”

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