Ludwika Paleta defends Emiliano Salinas and reveals details of his marriage

Ludwika Paleta defends Emiliano Salinas and reveals details of his marriage

It was then that she met her current husband, whom she classified as a “wonderful man.” “I had the great fortune to meet a wonderful man. We love each other, we enjoy ourselves, we laugh together, we fall in love and we have beautiful children; I always say that if people knew Emiliano they would stop saying so much nonsense,” he stressed.

On the rumors that circulated that Ludwika was a victim of the NXVIM sect, she replied: “If I were in a marriage where I really had a bad time, where I was not happy, where I was living a horrible thing, it would be noticed; I think those things are noticeable, it is very evident. There is no way to hide something for long. ”

“When they say things, I just look at them objectively and say ‘Oh’ and that’s it; yes they hurt, it is difficult, yes it has been difficult, yes suddenly I get a lot of anger and I start kicking and crying, but there are also things that don’t I can control. I have realized that people speak what they want and people distribute what is left over. I thus take things that are written, that I read, that are said. It is nothing new that people speak, say and It supposes. (…) People do not scratch it further; there are many people who do not think, who do not question things, who listen to something and repeat it without more, “he added.

Mara Patricia finally questioned her about whether Emiliano is a jealous man, which Palette replied: “Do you think that if he were jealous I would do all the things I do in my life? If I had a jealous husband I could not, I could not be happy , to be an actress, to give me the kisses that I give myself “.


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