The beautiful ex-conductor Lizbeth Rodríguez gave her followers a flirtatious smile through her Instagram account where she looked charming in a daring dress that left her fans with a view of her enormous attributes.

The influencer is happy to show them her new mini tattoo, she posed very smiling towards the camera in four photos with a pretty dress in a pretty cream shade that perfectly fit her figure, leaving her front charms in view of her fans. Now the ex-girl badabum A small heart was tattooed on the outside of her wrist, being a small but very cute drawing.

In her elegant and precious cream dress was that Lizbeth Rodriguez she fell in love with his fans, his black hair in marked waves, some silver jewelry hanging around his neck, a makeup where his full lips in a shade of red passion was what stood out a lot, posing as a work of art, his publication was filled with love and praise for her beauty in the comments section by netizens.

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One of the things that his fans praised the most was his smile, since it seemed sincere, he seemed to be having a very good time. In this way, the co-driver of Exposing Infidels is always portrayed, in funny ways, being herself and with her peculiar sense of humor that fascinates her followers.

Lizbeth Rodríguez

Lizbeth Rodríguez falls in love with her smile in a perfect dress

However, in his Instagram stories the temperature would rise after posing on his back with only the bottom part of the beach suit, leaving very little to the imagination of his followers with the lively song of the king of reggaeton Daddy Yankee with the song ” Bombón” that refers to the charms on the back.

Since posing from the location of a pool, seeming to be enjoying the day, she decides to show the most flirtatious side and outdoors, with a spectacular view of the blue sky, some palm trees, the pool, showing her hair that her fans do not They knew which landscape to look at since the celebrity was standing inside the pool, ready to portray herself in the most daring way.

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