Lis Vega doesn’t miss any opportunity to enjoy her favorite season of the year the way she likes it best: from the beach. In recent days, the beautiful actress and singer had confessed to her almost two million followers that she really wanted to take a vacation to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

Today the speed of Cuban origin finally fulfilled her wishes and arrived on the coast of Quintana Roo, announcing her arrival early with a beautiful postcard that left more than one breathless, as she was releasing her silhouette in a beautiful fairly small beach set.

At the age of 44 Lis Vega is in her best stage enjoying a successful career as a singer and dancer, appearing as one of the most beloved celebrities on television in Mexico, little by little recovering her beloved national audience after being out of the territory for two years due to the pandemic.

On this occasion, the ideal location for the photo shoot was Playa del Carmen, which with its crystal clear waters and an ideal climate to take a dip, was a wonderful environment where the talented vedette was able to take advantage of all her potential as a model. Although until now it has been a single postcard that she shared, surely there will be more material later.

The outfit worn for today was a coordinated two-piece black with tropical flower and leaf prints in orange. This beautiful beach outfit was the best friend for the eyes of those who follow her because she let Lis Vega flowed in front of the lens, making them fall in love even more.

Lis Vega

Lis Vega

In the description the Urban Poet left a brief description, announcing that summer has finally allowed him to fully enjoy its attractions. The following can be read:


To no one’s surprise, the most devoted fans of Lis Vega left their reactions immediately, with thousands of likes and comments that praise their beauty with great effusiveness.

“Enjoy my love”, “Hello love how beautiful”, “You have a beautiful body lisvega todita”, “WOW you look beautiful and attractive Lis”, “All the stars you are the most beautiful of all”, “Top model incredibly mind beautiful”, “What a beautiful greetings from guadalajara”, “Cosota beautiful and beautiful”, were some of the comments.

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