The beautiful and talented vedette Lis Vega likes to share every detail of her life with her fans through social networks, this in order to maintain a close relationship with each of them and strengthen the community that over so many years has gathered throughout the continent.

On this occasion, she was opening a section in the stories section of the Instagram entertainment platform in which her followers could ask her a personal question to get to know her better. Among the many things that she revealed, she was touching on various topics such as her favorites, her grooming and even some secrets of her love life.

And it is that last month her closeness to an athlete several years younger than her gave the media something to talk about, especially when it turned out that La Bebeshita, presenter of ‘Venga la Alegría weekend’, is the ex-girlfriend of this friend intimate of Lis Vegaunleashing a series of questions about their relationship.

That is why we present these five most interesting facts that the singer and dancer gave on her social networks. Surely some of them you did not know and you will find them more than interesting.favorite pedicure

One of her fans confessed that she loves the artist’s feet, so she wanted to know her favorite nail color, which turned out to be pure white, a very elegant and combinable tone.

2: The truth about Brandon

After the strong controversies in which they were involved after being seen together at an airport after a vacation period, Lis Vega gave the following answer to the question that asked to know the truth behind everything that was said:

“We are friends and my love, admiration and respect will always be there. He is a warrior with a big heart. My friend is very cool”

3: Hair style

True to her free and limitless personality, the television star mentioned that her favorite hair style is curly, which brings a lot of movement and dynamism to her look.

“I really like to wear a tail, but I love curly hair. I love being wild,” were his words.

4: Your stay in Mexico

Although the origin of the singer is Cuban, the love for the Aztec lands is deeply rooted in her heart, since she considers Mexico her home and where she wants to continue growing. In addition, she made reference to the time that she spent abroad during the quarantine.

“I love Mexico, I owe it everything 30 years ago, its culture, gastronomy, art, its people. Only God knows the three years I had to wait in the USA for my American residence, which thank God I already have. I’m staying in Mexico”, declared.

5: Always single?

One of the questions that generates the most curiosity about Lis Vega is her love status, since for several years she has been seen enjoying her singleness to the fullest. She expressed her desires on the subject:

“Not an official couple and not even in love. I feel that I am at a stage in my life where I did not accept less than what I give myself, where I take great care of my energy, time, emotional and mental health. I do not want anything that is not genuine and reciprocal “

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