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Lindsey Pelas puts on a mini dress and the neckline barely manages to hold her breasts

The minidress barely covers the statuesque body of Lindsey Pelas and Alexa Dellanos uncovers her body to model transparent lingerie

Lindsey Pelas is a model with dangerous curves. In addition to being a Playboy bunny, the blonde is one of the Instagram stars who has managed to increase her popularity because of how she is seen on social networks. She currently has over eight million followers on Instagram. And the content of it is undoubtedly sensual and erotic.

In one of the last photos she shared on Instagram, she was seen wearing a small dress, almost mini, which she managed to do little to cover her curves, but that’s how she modeled in the desert.

Lindsey Pelas is like other models who plays with transparencies. Under many clothes she is completely naked, but in front of the camera she appears only showing what is necessary, because if she does not, she could lose her cuentos Instagram account. And it is that the censorship of this platform seems not to be so simple.

Suzy Cortez, a model of Brazilian origin, was also known on this social network, for being, like Lindsay, as flirtatious as she was erotic. However, this platform closed her account, and it seems that to this day she has not been able to return.

Alexa Dellanos is another sexy model who has given a lot to talk about this week, especially for posing in broad daylight with a transparent outfit. Slight lines of green satin fabric delineate or outline her curves. The rest is lace and transparencies.

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