Lina Tejeiro surprised with a new tattoo and revealed how she lost three kilos in one night

Lina Tejeiro surprised with a new tattoo and revealed how she lost three kilos in one night

The actress Lina Tejeiro is one of the famous Colombians who most often interacts with her followers on Instagram, where she has more than 8 million users reacting to her posts and that they usually participate in the question and answer activities that she conducts in her stories.

Recently, Tejeiro revealed to her followers three images in which she reveals a new tattoo that was made. The tattoo is located on one of her arms and is a word that does not take up much space.

However, the effect of the camera turns the word upside down and few could understand it, that is why many in the comments began to make assumptions about what she was saying.

The tattoo says ‘COURAGE’ and it shows that it is very new because in the photographs you can see the protection that is commonly placed to protect the healing.

But the mirror effect of the image made her followers confused and think that the actress had tattooed the word ‘dollar’ or the name of a well-known ex-boyfriend.

Lina Tejeiro
Lina Tejeiro

“What does it say? It doesn’t look good!”, “And what does the tattoo say?”, “I thought it said DRILL. WTF”, “ You tattooed the word dollar or something like that haha”, some of her followers wrote her in the comments of the publication that has more than 400 thousand likes.

On the other hand, Lina Tejeiro accompanied the photo with the following description: “Stay with those who smile when they see you arrive.”

In the last hours, the Colombian actress carried out a new ‘Questions and Answers’ activity on her Instagram stories. As is common, many of the followers of Lina Tejeiro are aware of the physical appearance of the famous and that is why the actress was asked about her current weight.

However, this was done in the afternoon, so the actress showed the number that marked the scale she has at home. At that time, the result was 59.5 kilos.

The surprising thing for many of his followers was that another user asked the actress to show her weight, but in the morning and on an empty stomach, as it is supposed to do. Tejeiro recently noted that she would recheck his weight on the scale, but fasting.

The result was quite different, as she went to 56.9 kilos, that is, three kilos less than the night before. That is why Lina Tejeiro explained moments later what was the reason for this change that so impacted the followers.

“Yesterday I weighed myself with the ‘jean’ on, with the cell phone in hand, after having eaten and well, obviously, it was heavy,” the actress began by explaining. Then she stressed that “this morning I weighed myself, fasting and after having done two. That is the big difference”.

It is to remember that, Lina Tejeiro is one of the best known faces of acting on national television. Like many other actors in the country, he was part of the cast of ‘Parents and children’ (2003), later he worked in ‘Primera dama’ (2011), ‘Los gradados’ (2014), ‘La ley del corazón’ (2016 ) and the Netflix series, ‘Chichipatos’ (2020), among others.

In 2017 she was part of the reality show ‘Soldados 1.0’ and in 2019 she was a guest on the also reality show ‘Reto 4 Elementos Colombia’. On the other hand, it is known that the woman is part of the new reality show that RCN Televisión has prepared and that it is called ‘Who is the mask?’

This new program would hit the screens a few weeks ago at the time that MasterChef Celebrity is currently on, but there were changes within the channel after a recent scandal involving comedian Alejandra Azcárate, who is also part of the program.

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