Lili Estefan receives a spectacular and gigantic bouquet of roses and they ask if it is the work of a man in love

Lili Estefan opens the door of her home to receive a sensational bouquet of red roses and the curious ask if there is a special person who sent this great gift.

Lili Estefan causes a stir on social networks by showing up with a surprising bouquet of red roses. The video shows a man entering the door of the Cuban singer’s house and leaving the surprising bouquet on the kitchen table.

However, it seems that this man is the only one carrying the flowers and on social networks the curious are questioning who sent such a bouquet of flowers to the presenter of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’, who is more than happy with this gigantic bouquet received at home.

Internet users began to ask if this work is the product of the affection of a man who conquers her heart and some were even happy for that reason, although they do not know if these theories are true.

“What a beautiful bouquet, is it from a lover?”, “What a beautiful bouquet of flowers, is there a Romeo around? Jijiji hopefully someone who is worth it and values the kind of mother, professional and person you are”, “Woow. What beautiful arrangements your boyfriend sent you”, “Girl, but they send flowers to you”, “It’s about time I had a boyfriend” and “Lili, who is the boyfriend?”, are some of the messages Lili Estefan received after showing this wonderful bouquet of roses.

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For a long time, Internet users have been wishing to see Lili Estefan with a boyfriend, because since her divorce no man has been known to keep her company in a sentimental way and from time to time Internet users say they would like to see ‘La Flaca’ in love with a good man with whom she can fully enjoy this moment of her life.

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