The presenter of “El Gordo y la Flaca”, Lili Estefan, shared with her Instagram followers how the Christmas tree that adorns the main room of her mansion looked like

Lili Estefan seems to be a reference in Miami when it comes to Christmas decorations . Since the month of November, the renowned presenter began to add elements to her mansion that were praised by Thalia .

By Thanksgiving Estefan had a lot of work done, at least on the property’s patio. This became known after her children held a party and she was very proud to show the result.

Now Lili Estefan has shared with all her followers how the Christmas tree that adorns the main room was left and where many gifts are expected to accompany it on Christmas Eve.

Like the decoration on the outside of the house, the tree is quite eye-catching. It is the traditional green color but quite tall, it was also adorned with mostly red spheres.

Two large teddy bears, also green in color, perch at the sides of the tree.

All the decoration in the house of the presenter of “El Gordo y la Flaca” is quite traditional , what stands out are the large sizes of each of the elements.

In other videos that she has uploaded to her Instagram account, you can see other details such as the flower arrangement that serves as a centerpiece in the dining room or the garlands in the frame of some of the doors and walls of the mansion.

Estefan also very happily showed her followers a new large portrait that is now in the dining room. This was created with Swarovski crystals. “This is a real gem,” she said.

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