Kanye West stops following his girlfriend Vinetria while trying to get Kim back

Kanye West stops following his girlfriend Vinetria while trying to get Kim back

The rapper, who legally changed his name to Ye, stopped following the Vinetria model on social media and this detail has been interpreted as the definitive confirmation that their courtship has come to an end

The emotional state of Kanye West had been very confused lately.

Although the rapper has not tired of publicly asking Kim Kardashian to give him another chance , at the same time a few months ago he started a new romance with a 22-year-old model named Vinetria . However, it seems that love has not lasted too long.

Either because of West’s inability to leave behind his marriage to the mother of his four children or for any other reason, his courtship with the model has now come to an end , or at least that follows from the fact that he has stopped dating. follow her on social media.

Of course, in between, Vinetria had time to reach almost half a million followers on Instagram despite the fact that he does not update his account often.

On the other hand, Kanye’s return to singleness is most likely not going to change Kim’s point of view too much.

She has made it clear in the legal documents that she presented to the courts in the framework of her divorce process that there is no possibility of her reconciling with him and, in addition, for a few months she has had more than a friendship with the comedian Pete Davidson.

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