Leticia Sabater defends herself from those who accuse her of plagiarism in her last song

Leticia Sabater defends herself from those who accuse her of plagiarism in her last song

Her song ‘My life is mine (La mari)’ has caused a stir among her followers

Year after year, Leticia Sabater has been in charge of having fun with her Christmas carols. ‘Carve me el pavo’ or ‘El polvorrón’ were some of the most popular; And how could it be otherwise, this time her followers expected no less.

But the presenter has surprised her fans with an unexpected song, ‘My life is mine (La mari)’, which has quickly gone viral becoming a Trending Topic.

It is a fusion between various styles such as electro, house and dembow, “which is currently very fashionable, perfect for dancing this Christmas and all year long,” as the artist herself assures us.

But that has caused a stir, not only for its video clip – “less sensual, but the most original of all”, says Leticia Sabater – but also for its melody, reminiscent of the song ‘Pepas’ by Farruko mixed with that of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes.

A simile that is causing a great headache to Sabater, and that is her followers do not stop accusing her on social networks of alleged plagiarism.

That is why the protagonist of the controversy has wanted to defend herself and assures that it is not plagiarism but that “it is what is carried and this musical concept is currently fashionable”:

It is not plagiarism of anyone. For it to be plagiarism it must have 16 equal notes in a row and here there are only 8 notes in a row similar to the first 8 notes at the beginning of the song Pepas’, the rest nothing to do. So it is not plagiarism”, she assures in a press release.

But despite the controversy, the presenter is proud of her new release and dares to say that “it will be one of the songs of mine preferred by the public seeing the good reception it has had”.

And for those who were waiting for a Christmas carol, as every year around this time, Leticia Sabater announces that next year there will be a new Christmas song.

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