The beautiful model Laura Van Salazar shows off her enormous charms with a swimsuit that is undoubtedly a dream, because it is so small that it allows you to fully appreciate each part of her tremendous figure.

The beautiful colombian Barbie shared an amazing pink type swimsuit with which she drew a lot of attention from her fans on social networks.

Lately, the beautiful Colombian model, Laura Van Salazar, has spent a lot of her time taking and posting photos for her fans on the Internet.

This time we will show you a publication that was shared on her official Instagram account last July, so we were still in the hot season.

This is how she made the most of it and wore a flirtatious pink two-piece swimsuit, with which she accentuated her tremendous curves and of course her charms.

In fact, there were a total of five photographs that the model shared and in each of them she managed to raise the temperature of the users to the maximum.

In the first we can fully appreciate her figure, but from a fairly close angle, with which she shows off her well-toned abdomen and her front charms.

While in the second she delights with a pose from behind letting us taste her posterior charms, then in the third we see her with a much more closed shot where her angelic face is the protagonist, showing off her great beauty.

In the fourth we see her again with a more distant shot and where she shows off her infarct legs and her well-formed posterior charms thanks to the gym and last but not least, she poses in front of an Olympic bar exercise showing off her well-worked figure that fascinates her admirers so much.

The publication was made on her official Instagram and so far it has a total of 94,509 likes, a demonstration of all the affection she has from users, who do not stop enjoying her work and of course these incredible details that she shares where her figure is the protagonist.

It is important to mention that the content creator is placed in one of her best positions in front of the camera, with her back and with the lens right in front of her charms, which is why netizens quickly left their likes and enjoyed the images.

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