Laura Bozzo darts against Becky G after her behavior with the press

Host Laura Bozzo went against Becky G after she rejected the press a week ago when she arrived in Mexico, because the singer said the following: “My job has nothing to do with drama, being gossipy, talking about negative things”.

Peruvian Laura Bozzo recently held a meeting with the press and talked about what happened in Mexico after Becky G’s arrival at the airport, at that moment there was a commotion where more than one ended up being pushed. For this reason, the ‘Sin pijamas’ singer sent a message to all her fans after the incident.

“My job has nothing to do with drama, being a gossip, talking about negative things. If there is something to say it’s going to be said, if not, no,” she said in a video she uploaded to her Instagram account.

In turn, in the account of ‘Hoy Día’ they shared the images where the TV presenter dedicated some words to the singer, after considering that it is completely normal that the media is always talking rightly or negatively.

“#LauraBozzo reacted to the clash that #BeckyG had with the media upon her arrival in Mexico City and stressed that artists owe the press, since they are the contact with their fans,” was the message that accompanied the publication made on the social network of the little camera.

Laura Bozzo Defends the Press and Confronts Critics: “I Live off the Press”

Bozzo said that reporters are simply doing their job and she does not care if they express themselves in a good or bad way about what she does in her personal or professional life. Therefore, she stated that:

“No, don’t let them speak pendejad**. I live off the press, the press is my ally, they can criticize me, they can tell me whatever they want because they have the right to do so and I have the obligation to respond, because the press reaches the public and the public wants to know about you.

After what Becky G mentioned, she ended by saying that this type of circumstances are related to the cost of being a recognized person in the world of entertainment: “If you want to be famous, you have to start by accepting that you owe the press”.

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