La desalmada: who will be Raúl Araiza’s lover in this telenovela

La desalmada: who will be Raúl Araiza’s lover in this telenovela

She is Claudia Arce (Photo: Instagram screenshot / @ claudiaarcelemaitre)

According to a clip published on the official website of The stars, Pepillo Origel informed Raúl Araiza by accident who would be your partner in the Televisa production titled The Heartless.

It’s about the model Claudia Arce Lemaitre, who was Miss Bolivia Universe in 2009 and a year later participated in the Miss Universe competition, in which she obtained the 59th place, currently gives life to the character of Salma in the telenovela What happens to my family? but also participated in Doctors, lifeline.

Pepillo Origel featured in the program Excuse me that is transmitted by Unicable what He sent a message to Raúl Araiza with the model’s photograph and wrote “look, he’s your lover.”According to the presenter, the actor did not know what to answer because He didn’t know that Claudia would be his castmate.

This soap opera is based on Colombian success, The Lady of Troy, that was made by RCN Television in 2008. The great unknown that turned with respect to the Mexican adaptation it didn’t have so much to do with the production team in charge, not because of the argument it could have, but for the cast that would have.

José Ron during the filming of La Desalmada (Photo: courtesy Televisa)

José Ron during the filming of La Desalmada (Photo: courtesy Televisa)

According to the newsletter published by Televisa on March 11, the recordings of this production began on the 16th of that same month.

This story of love and revenge will star Livia Brito and José Ron, production is in charge of Jose Alberto Castro and its premiere will take place in the second semester of the year, in the prime time.

The plot of the soap opera revolves around Fernanda Linares, who seeks to exact revenge for the murder of her husband during the wedding night, in this incident she was also raped. In the work that inspired this story, the woman does not recognize his executioner more than by a horse-shaped necklace that he wore the night of the crime.

On the other hand José Ron will play Rafael Toscano, a young man who recently finished his university studies and connect in a romantic way with the woman to whom Livia Brito will give life. In the RCN version, this fact triggers a series of tragic events in which the love between these two gets in the way with the woman’s way of revenge.

Livia Brito returns to Televisa after her scandal with a photographer (Photo: Instagram / @liviabritopes)

Livia Brito returns to Televisa after her scandal with a photographer (Photo: Instagram / @liviabritopes)

This production also means the return of Livia Brito to soap operas after the time she had to leave due to the altercation she had with the photographer Ernesto Zepeda, whom she allegedly attacked with her boyfriend while they were enjoying their stay in the Riviera Maya.

The scandal – in which it is ensured that the actress stole the professional’s camera and spoke disparagingly of Mexicans – affected Brito, who he lost his job in two soap operas: that of Juan Osorio, What happens to my family?, and that of Carmen Armendariz, Do you remember me, where she was finally replaced by Fátima Molina.

Faced with the questioning about choosing Brito, the producer José Alberto Castro assured that he does not like to be based on the scandals of the private lives of the actors or actresses but on who contributes to what the script seeks.

We did different castings, different tests, and what we liked about her is part of her character, part of her physique, and we made the decision to work with her. The reality is that I do not know, I am not aware of that, I work with an actor and the part of their personal lives does not concern me, I always try to stay away from all the gossip part, it is not what I do but I do the production part“He told the media in an interview published on Eden Dorantes’ YouTube channel.

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