Unfortunately, accidents happen at the least expected moments, on this occasion the fans of the beautiful host of TV Azteca, Kristal Silva, were very concerned about her state of health when they watched a video announcing that she had a strong lesson that led her to the hospital, happening to him while she was rehearsing for the Reality Show of ‘Come Joy’: ‘I want to dance’.

The famous beautiful was rehearsing and we could see a video where she appears sitting on the floor of the dance hall where she was, with her legs stretched out and a face that showed all the pain she was feeling.

Apparently this program TV mexicana He does not stop giving us topics to talk about, after what happened with the woman who claimed to be able to speak “alien language”, now we receive this strong news that is monopolizing the headlines, a general concern on the part of that audience that enjoys Silva’s presence so much on their screens.

In the video shared in the official account of the program we can see that the kneewho even had to be transferred to the hospital in a wheelchair, it is observed that she is out of the loop and very sad about the situation, but how not to be.

It’s not like the famous showgirl had been thinking about hurting herself, they’re just things that happen and unfortunately on many occasions they can’t be avoided. The young woman is already 30 years old and of course the blows feel even stronger when she is younger, her fans are waiting for her to recover and wishing her the best, as always very attentive to her just as she does on her social networks with them.


Kristal Silva received a lot of support, encouraging comments, well wishes, prayers and everything that the public is doing to support her in these difficult times.

So far we do not know exactly how serious the injury was, but we will have to wait and be very vigilant to see how the health status of the former beauty queen evolves, despite the fact that she looks sad, she looks calm for what we can think that she will recover soon.

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