Actor Kirk Douglas sexually assaulted Natalie Wood, according to the singer’s sister, Lana Wood.

If this accusation is true, one of the darkest and most widespread rumors in Hollywood would be confirmed: that a teenager Natalie was raped by a movie star much older than she, when she went on a date in a hotel in Los Angeles.

Lana Wood’s memoirs point directly to Kirk Douglas for this attack, and also revisit the mysterious death of the actress, drowned in 1981 when she was 43 years old. The book, titled ‘Little Sister: My Investigation into the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood’, states that the events took place in the summer of 1955, when she was filming ‘The Searchers’.

Natalie Wood, in a 1960s photoshoot

Natalie Wood, in a 1960s photoshoot

“I remember Natalie looking especially beautiful when Mom and I left her that night at the Chateau Marmont entrance,” she says, detailing that the date had been arranged by the mother, Maria Zakharenko, who thought that “many doors could be opened for her. “, as the Anglo-Saxon press collects. Back, “it looked horrible. She was very disheveled and very upset, ”she says. Wood says that the mother’s advice was “hang on.”

The author, who was also a successful actress, had promised her sister not to reveal the assault, but has now changed her mind. The memoirs are published next week.

Although Natalie Wood never spoke publicly about the assault, it first came to light in 2001, in the biography ‘Natasha’ by the writer Suzanne Finstad.

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