The festival of Tomorrowland gave a lot to talk about this weekend, because the famous influencer Kimberly Loaiza has just made history by being the first Mexican to appear at such an event, to which millions of critics, as well as good wishes, invaded all social networks speaking about whether or not she deserved this opportunity.

Regardless of everything that could come out of the haters’ mouths, the youtuber appeared with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike the artists who invited her to be part of their show, the wife of John of God Pantoja In every day that she has been in said event, she has impressed with her incredible outfits and looks, proving that she is not only the queen of the internet, but also a fashion icon.

However, Kimberly Loaiza has been very active in their respective accounts, sharing in great detail every aspect of their experience being in Belgium, about their looks, their presentations, but there would be a specific video that would go around the entire internet, because it would be portrayed Along with an impressive celebrity from the middle of the shows, we talk about Paris Hilton just as you read it, the older cutie next to Lele Pons met the awesome Paris Hilton.

Through an Instagram story that the interpreter of “Pa’ that was done” shared a video in which she was seen wearing her beautiful metallic blue full body mesh, next to the Internet celebrity Lele Pons and being the famous Paris Hilton wearing big glasses saying the magic words of the older cutie fan club:

“Hello cuties”

This short video would go around the entire internet, because many people were not clear about the fame that is being forged Kimberly Loaiza completely leaving her comfort zone, conquering places other than Mexico, on the other hand, like everything the beautiful influencer does, she received many bad comments from many netizens by underestimating the effort she has put into her career to be able to get to where you are.

Well, although it burns all the haters, Kim has been climbing at a very fast pace, making her way and achieving achievements in her short career, being an example to follow that you can achieve everything that a person proposes even being a very young mother.

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