Days after having stopped following Anabel Pantoja on Instagram and declaring in ‘Save me’ that her cousin did not contribute anything to her and that she was unable to understand her lack of position in the war she has with her mother, Isabel Pantoja, by not Wanting to hear not even the reasons why he started it, Kiko Rivera sings the mea culpa publicly.

After meditating in recent days about his confrontation with Anabel – with whom he has always had a very special relationship – and the reasons that have led him to put his cousin in the eye of the hurricane with his criticisms, Kiko has come to the The conclusion is that the Sevillian woman is not to blame for anything that is happening in her family and, in a gesture that honors her, she has apologized very remorsefully for her attacks.

It has been through his Instagram account – which has become a kind of confessional for the Dj – where Kiko, with a photo in which he and Anabel pose happily toasting being just children, like Isabel Pantoja’s son he has apologized, admitting that “when one is wrong it is good to apologize.” “I will not allow this ugly situation to make me lose you,” he confessed to his cousin, adding that although this “is not being easy” for him, “you are not to blame, Anabel.” An emotional message of forgiveness that has concluded with an “I love you”, from Irene Rosales’s husband to whom, without a doubt, he continues to be one of the most important people in his life.

Anabel, for her part, has not yet ruled on this mea culpa and this public forgiveness from Kiko after her harsh attacks. Will the collaborator of ‘Save me’ accept her cousin’s apologies or will she be the one this time who does not want to regain her old relationship, a bulletproof union that is now seriously damaged?

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