Kiko Rivera is left without a label: the important support he would have lost

Kiko Rivera is left without a label: the important support he would have lost

From this very week, Kiko Rivera swims alone in the unstable music industry. The major record label with which he worked until now has not renewed his contract, and although the DJ assures that the professional breakup occurred by mutual agreement, from the magazine ‘Semana’ they point to another version.

Universal has terminated any employment relationship with him because he has not met the expectations generated, neither in income nor in music”, assures a source very close to the record company.

Apparently, they did not sit very well in the company either the constant and televised clashes who stars against his family, despite the fact that the high command urged him on several occasions to stay out of the scandals.

“They are tired of his life will be televised. They wanted him to control himself and make his image more professional. In fact, they even recommended that he move house because the cameras could see and record him from the street”, insists the confidant consulted by ‘Semana’.

Kiko Rivera’s dismissal from the record label has caught more than one by surprise, especially since it was believed that he had the support of one of the company’s heaviest weights.

It is about Narcís Rebollo, the president of Universal Music in Spain and Portugal, who has been in a relationship for years with Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Cayetana Rivera’s mother, niece of son of the singer.

Apparently, the relationship between Kiko Rivera and Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, the ex-wife of his brother Francisco, is quite cordial and there is a very good harmony between them every time they coincide in a family event.

In fact, some media pointed out at the time that the aristocrat had acted as a bridge between the singer and Narcís Rebollo to give him a chance at the record company. Unfortunately for the DJ, as it has just been published, it seems that his working relationship with the label has not come to fruition.

Has Kiko Rivera lost the support of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Narcís Rebollo in his musical career? Will this cessation influence future family relationships? Only time will answer these questions.

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